Photography is my passion. 
For me, the use of analog cameras with conventional film is part of this. This is the only way in which the photos can meet my standards.
The click of a mechanical shutter release, the hum of the film winder, the taste of peppermint on the tongue when gumming an exposed film roll. 
The uncertainty when developing the film, the gradations of sharpness and the characteristic graininess of the film on the prints. 
Composing a picture, coming to terms with my motifs and the great variety of human characteristics.
Handling available light, experimenting with unusual perspectives, back-lighting and lack of sharpness through movement.
For me all of this is part of the passion of taking photographs, and I can give rein to my creativity in this context always trying to create a world of images that is natural, harmonious and empathetic.

35mm: Rollei 35T, Bessa R2, Leica CL
Medium Format: Hasselblad 500C/M, Bronica RF645, Pentax 6x7, Mamiya 645AFD, Lubitel 2
Large Format: Linhof Technika III
Polaroid: 600SE, SX-70, The Reporter